Sheldon Goldberg - Broker

How Shel Can Help You

Provide exceptional real estate services that more than satisfy your needs. Also, to make full use of technology whenever possible to make the most efficient use of our time and efforts.

Over the last 7 years, Shel has helped a wide variety of clients find the home/condo they were looking for. The vast majority have been looking for a second home in Florida.

Business Experience

Shel has a varied and extensive background as an entreprenuer. In a nutshell, he spent the 80s in the oil business, the 90s in the software business and now in the 21st century, he is into real estate (though he has never given up the software business).

Shel was the founder of one of the first internet software companies. He put his extensive experience with computer software to work and developed this website.


Residential Real Estate


Cell: 727-512-6030