How Dream Realty Rebate Programs Work

Buyer Disclosures

The Buyer Rebate is based on an average rebate of 1.5%.

Details on how our Buyer Rebate Works:
Dream Realty Buyer Rebate Program Terms and Conditions:

  • (A) To participate in the Dream Realty buyer rebate program (the "Program"), a buyer must not currently be represented by another licensed real estate professional and buyer must execute a brokerage agreement with Dream Realty on terms and conditions satisfactory to Dream Realty. Participation is also limited to buyers ability to demonstrate qualification to purchase the desired property by providing proof of funds and/or a pre-qualification letter from a bank satisfactory to Dream Realty in its sole discretion.
  • (B) For eligible properties, Dream Realty will rebate to the buyer 1.5% of selling price at closing.  e.g - if you purchase a property for $300,000, Dream Realty will give you a check at closing for $3,300.
  • (C) A property's eligibility for participation in the Program will be determined in the sole discretion of Dream Realty and may be subject to a minimum sales price, minimum commission requirements and the property not being a short sale. If a specific property is included for participation in the Program, Program details will be displayed on that specific property's details page on Dream Realty.
  • (D) Participation by a buyer in the Program is optional.
  • (E) Payment of rebates under the Program will not be made where prohibited by law.
  • (F) Payment of a rebate under the Program shall be disclosed by buyer to all parties to the transaction, including, without limitation, the seller, any lender and any other real estate broker.
  • (G) For transactions involving a lender, payment of the rebate shall be made via a credit to buyer at closing shown on the HUD-1 or other settlement statement and the amount and acceptability of the rebate is expressly subject to review and approval of buyer's lender. For "cash" transactions not involving a lender, payment of the rebate may be made by a check to buyer on or after closing or via a credit to buyer at closing shown on the HUD-1 or other settlement statement.
  • (H) Consult your accounting, legal or tax advisors regarding proper treatment of any rebate.
  • (I) Dream Realty reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the Program at any time by modifying the Dream Realty Terms of Use; however, no such modification shall amend the terms or any existing brokerage agreement between a buyer and Dream Realty unless such modification is required by law.
  • (J) The above is subject to a minimum transaction commission for Dream Realty. That minimum commission is $4000. e.g - if the buyer's commission is less than $4000, there would be 0 rebate to buyer. In the example above of a $300,000 purchase, assuming the buyer's commission would be greater than $7300, the buyer's rebate would continue to be $3,300 as stated.

Seller Disclosures:

We provide full real estate services to sellers for 1.5% of the sales price. Most agents charge 3%. This can be a considerable savings to you. It is also based on a minimum transaction commission for Dream Realty of $4000.